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Join a Giving Club

The GEM Club

(formerly the 1964 Society)

Since the founding of Tri-City Hospital Foundation in 1964, donors like you have made great healthcare possible at Tri-City Medical Center. Because of people like you, nearly $50 million has gone towards programs and services at your community hospital.

Your monthly donation - as little as $5.00 per month - can have a big impact. Five dollars provides a bus pass for a new mother with an infant in the NICU. Ten dollars can help buy socks and shoes for indigent patients being transferred to a facility for follow up care. Twenty five dollars can provide a visit to our Cancer Navigator, for a women who is bravely battling breast cancer. Fifty dollars can provide parents of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit baby a secure webcam, NICView, that lets them see their newborn 24/7 on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. A monthly gift of Eighty five dollars can fund an entire support group for patients diagnosed with cancer and the people that love them.

In the past few years donors have funded new equipment like the new Revolution 512 CT Scanner - an innovative piece of technology, and the first one in Southern California, that allows Tri-City physicians unprecedented diagnostic images of the human body. Other critical projects included the beautiful renovation of our Mother and Baby rooms, and the upcoming expansion and renovation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - the only Level III NICU in North County. By being a member of the GEM Club, you are shaping healthcare in your community.

Become part of the legacy that has been making a difference at Tri-City Medical Center since 1964. Join Today! To sign up, use the form below.